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Day after day we run and hurry to get to work and to be on time, hope for time to complete multiple tasks and reach the point of goal achievements or even pass our goals, all while delivering outstanding customer service and selling the goods and services of the company we represent, always looking polish, fresh and smiling, trying to block the fact that we'll be working on the weekend as well, and when we finish,. we get to do it ALL Over again.! the following week.
Chanel Devereaux as 'Church Lady Bingo'

One Sunday night after a long exhausting week I decided to go out and try to have a little fun time, sort of sacrificing rest and sleepy time to catch up whit life out of work, so I decided to go to one of my favorite bars in town 'OMEGA' a place where I have always felt comfortable and among friends, I used to visit the bar since the early 1990's when it used to be called 'The Fraternity House'
Back those days I was working in Dupont Circle at the Soho Tea & Coffee Shop at night and had more chance to have fun while working. I really miss those days.
Chanel opening the Bingo Game

That night I walked into the Bar and Howard was working behind the bar, a familiar face, I saw a stack of Bingo cards sitting on the bar and Howard said: - Tonight is Bingo Night.! with a big smile on his face, I though : - Oh Jesus.! Not on my night out.!
Prize winner Alex gets a sex-novelty figurine

I had never played Bingo before, so I decided to give it shot,. when the host arrived 'fashionably late' I saw this tall, strong Drag Queen dressed in a black skirt suit with her up do hair style and a lot of sassiness.! as the game started her personality totally took over the place and her natural way to talk SEX with the most crude worlds was totally funny,. I found myself laughing out loud non stop all night long.! the evening was a total unexpected success and exactly what I needed at the time.
Chanel in a Spring outfit 

The weekly visit to Omega on Sunday night became my one thing to do every week that was just for Me.! as I continue visiting the bar I also learned to know much more of the Persona that Chanel Devereaux was, I got to see further from the comedy and the makeup that makes this personage.
Performing at Nelly's 

Chanel is one of the most hard working people I have ever met, she's part of the cast of "Drag City DC" a reality show portraying a group of ladies who use their Drag personas to give back to the community and they do it Drag Queen Style : on roller skates, dance on the pole or take over New York City with confidence and fierceness.!
Ladies of Drag City DC in the streets of New York City

Chanel also performs on Saturday nights at the 'Apex Club', where she has opportunity to shine on stage along with fellow performers such as Shequeeta Lee and Riley to mention a few, Apex is  the same place I used to go dancing years ago when the place was called 'Badlands'.
Arriving to show at Apex, Chanel rocking Red Hair.

She does her Drag Show all night and manages to be at work early the next morning to be part of the most popular sunday brunch in Washington DC at Nelly's Sports Bar, where she is not only a performer but also has to wait on tables, people lines outside the establishment to be able to come inside and have a great brunch, but mostly to enjoy the phenomenal show delivered by the outstanding group of Drag waitresses , sort of speaking.!.
Sunday Brunch at Nelly's 

 Chanel has a lot of energy and and it shows when after working all day at Nelly's she gathers her strength to deliver a fresh and dynamic performance at night at Omega where she becomes The Church Lady of Bingo Night and keeps the audience engage and laughing all night long with the help of her sidekick bartender Howard, to whom she ask week after week " Gladys, did you have sex this week.?" and the answer is always, No.! ( Howard's Drag Persona used to be Gladys Marie, he has put his Drag show on hold this days.)
Working the pole, Chanel & Riley

Chanel takes advantage of the arriving audience also, she targets every person walking thru the door to bring some comedy to the environment of the evening : "Hello there white girl.! come on in."  "Well, we have straight boys in the house.!"  "Come on in,.walk to the light, I don't bite, unless you pay me to,.!"
as the evening goes by, so do the unusual prizes for the winners, besides free drinks winners get Gay Porn or Sex theme Novelties.
After calling endless bingo number and talking about current topics and making fun of herself, Chanel ends the night with her trade mark closing line :  " If you liked me, my name is Chanel Devereaux,. If you did Not like me, my name is Ella Fitzgerald.!" that line Never fails to give the audience a final laugh for Sunday night.
Chanel closing the Bingo Show on Sunday night 

There's a talented lady in town and her name is Chanel Devereaux, A Drag Star who is also someones child, sister, best friend, a grateful human being who treasures the people who support her performances,.. As a closing. Some wisdom words from Chanel Devereaux herself :

    " Life is what you make of it, So live it the way you want to,. Without regrets and with love,
       Even to those who have gooked you in the past. "  - Chanel Devereaux.-

I love meeting new people and Chanel is one of the most fascinating persons I have met in a long time,. her talent, her humor and her charm a beautiful person,.. For Your Eyes Only.

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