Friday, October 28, 2011

Those Weird sort of Funny things in Life.

Moments, situations and real odd people that make you go,. WTF.!!

This was washed off the shore of Long Island,. some say is an alien, others think is a dog that lost the hair due to the salty water, but look at the mouth, that's no dog.! look at the pows and claws. and what about the rag tied to the wrist.? 

You come home after a hectic day at work and your kids have been playing with Paint.! and they are happy laughing and expecting you to clean up their mess.!

At what moment the love for tattoos goes out of control.? one thing is being Cool,  and yes 2 or 3 tattoos are even sexy, but full body coverage,. Dude.!

Those cases when no one can help you,. But yourself,.  But you still think you can control it.

Now this is my kind of protest.! and I agree,.  Fuck that guy.!

I just love the 'Universal Language' some things have the same meaning all over the world.!

Whaaat.? Ever heard of a leash.?! that's going to be a dizzy dogie.

So lost in the translation.! 

How the hell is Paco coming down from there.?

"Mom,. Watch out for the falling cows.!" maybe we should take another route,.

'He was a big man.' sniff,.sniff.! 


Awww,. Those precious memories.! 

Every baby comes with his own pacifier.!

That's the kind of bread guys like.! 

Always looking at the bright side.!

I think her ass swallowed her panties.!!

Good old toilet paper,. we all Love the big roll in the bathroom, but want Nothing with it outside.!

So many weir towns.!

Aww,.The perfect wedding photo.! 

Oohh,.look at the pee draining down her leg.!,. Girl.!

I think they're trying to guarantee you'll have a Great time at the inn.!!

Those darn new drivers.!

Ever heard of a Groomer.!!? kitty is not amused.

That's how the Aflack goose does it.!!

Who the hell brought the cat.?!

I'll just park right here.!

The KKK guy in the ER,. I don't think his gonna make it.!

Just a kitty sweet moment. ♥

Some moments are sad, other funny and many others just leave you thinking. Is all part of this colorful world we all share together.!
Happy to share it For Your Eyes Only.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

" What The Hell.?!" Moments On The Red Carpet.

A small compilation of odd surprising moments on the Red Carpet, when celebrities makes an entrance and leaves you speechless in a Great or Underwhelming way, And all that comes to your mind is 'What The Hell.!?'

JLo Infamous green Versace dress, many Love it, others totally Hated it, but put her in a classic and timeless moment of the Red Carpet.

Angela Basset at the CFDA Fashion Awards, the plain black dress with the gold piece just was Not a favorite and they said wasn't even fashion,. Ouch.!

Gwen Stefani at the VH1 Fashion Awards, some said is 'Hip', 'Young and Fresh', others said  'Hoochy Mama' 'Homeless Chic' or it was just her own signature style.! 

Christina Aguilera at the Blockbuster Awards wearing a Home-made looking dress and a Huge Gigantic hair, see the embarrassment on her partners face, he wants to go home,. Alone.!

Cher at the Billboard Music Awards in an Indian inspired outfit. For years we all waited that moment when Cher would make her entrance in an Fabulous Odd outfit. Amazing.! 

Christina Aguilera rocking a dress that looks made out of all the scrubs of fabric left on the table. But is colorful.!

Cat Woman or Bride of Dracula,? Christina Applegate during the TV Guide Awards in a black sort of sexy outfit that did nothing for a Wow factor. 

Big Bird goes pink.! Cindy Crawford during a Mattel event in a feathered dress that may have looked good on the runway, but critics thorn apart.

Lupita Ferrer in a "Mother of the bride" dress during the Latin Billboard Awards, but the beautiful smile makes you forget about the dress.

Her audition dress for the role of Cleopatra,. Paula Abdul makes her entrance at the  Grammy Awards 2009.

A true Classic of the red carpet, Bjork swan dress was the bomb of  Oscar Night.

Inspired on rotten lettuce leaves or just wrinkled.!? Mary Hart at the Academy Awards in 2009 sending mixed messages in this very unusual garment.

Sheryl Crow gave that " I like it,. No I Don't.!" moment at her entrance to the  2005 Grammy Awards.

Costa Rican star Maribel Guardia rocking the 'Cheap beauty pageant of the neighborhood' type of dress, during an event in Mexico D.F

The lovely Pamela Anderson in a very complicated and extremely confusing  garment/dress/silk sheets ,.Whatever.!

Totally owning the "Chicken Dress" Mexican Rock Star Alejandra Guzman during the Latin MTV Awards.

Considering that she doesn't give 'shit' to Fashion, Whoopi Goldberg looked good on her leopard roomy dress during Oscar Night 2009.

Zoe Saldana during the Academy Awards 2010, some love the Purple dress other said she was dragging a pi√Ďata between her legs.! 

Charlize Theron's "Cinnamon bun" dress as Joan Rivers called it. was the favorite of many, while others just laugh of it.!

Justin Beaver in is cream tuxedo during the 2011 Grammy Awards, even the sneakers were unable to make this number a little Hip.!

Why to bother  with the dress,. Just wear the thong.! Rihana at the Grammy Awards 2011.

Another naked number of the red carpet, Rose McGowan arrives at the 1998 MTV Awards with then boyfriend Marilyn Manson.

Great dynamic attitude while wearing a total see-thru dress, Alejandra Guzman arrives at an Univision Award ceremony.

Too tight, Too shinny, Too cheap Looking.!! Actress Lorena Herrera of Mexico .

Reno 911 star, Niece Nash arrives on the red carpet in a cop inspired outfit celebrating her recent divorce from a Pastor.