Friday, October 28, 2011

Those Weird sort of Funny things in Life.

Moments, situations and real odd people that make you go,. WTF.!!

This was washed off the shore of Long Island,. some say is an alien, others think is a dog that lost the hair due to the salty water, but look at the mouth, that's no dog.! look at the pows and claws. and what about the rag tied to the wrist.? 

You come home after a hectic day at work and your kids have been playing with Paint.! and they are happy laughing and expecting you to clean up their mess.!

At what moment the love for tattoos goes out of control.? one thing is being Cool,  and yes 2 or 3 tattoos are even sexy, but full body coverage,. Dude.!

Those cases when no one can help you,. But yourself,.  But you still think you can control it.

Now this is my kind of protest.! and I agree,.  Fuck that guy.!

I just love the 'Universal Language' some things have the same meaning all over the world.!

Whaaat.? Ever heard of a leash.?! that's going to be a dizzy dogie.

So lost in the translation.! 

How the hell is Paco coming down from there.?

"Mom,. Watch out for the falling cows.!" maybe we should take another route,.

'He was a big man.' sniff,.sniff.! 


Awww,. Those precious memories.! 

Every baby comes with his own pacifier.!

That's the kind of bread guys like.! 

Always looking at the bright side.!

I think her ass swallowed her panties.!!

Good old toilet paper,. we all Love the big roll in the bathroom, but want Nothing with it outside.!

So many weir towns.!

Aww,.The perfect wedding photo.! 

Oohh,.look at the pee draining down her leg.!,. Girl.!

I think they're trying to guarantee you'll have a Great time at the inn.!!

Those darn new drivers.!

Ever heard of a Groomer.!!? kitty is not amused.

That's how the Aflack goose does it.!!

Who the hell brought the cat.?!

I'll just park right here.!

The KKK guy in the ER,. I don't think his gonna make it.!

Just a kitty sweet moment. ♥

Some moments are sad, other funny and many others just leave you thinking. Is all part of this colorful world we all share together.!
Happy to share it For Your Eyes Only.

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