Saturday, July 14, 2012

                                 Art  Is  Forever.

One of the biggest manifestations of internal beauty and freedom of expression is Art.
ever since I was a little kid, I had this special sensation when looking at paintings hanging on the walls of theaters or government buildings and for some reason that I could not explain, I just liked staring at those paintings without understanding why I could not get enough of it.

In this entry of my blog I just wish to share some of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have thru the years.

Queen Isabella ll Of Spain by Franz Xavier Winterhalter. 1852
The Runaway by Norman

The gardener by Andrew Strange

The Stone Breaker by Gustave Courbet

Girl With Pigs by Thomas Gainsborough.  1782
The Holy Innocents by Giotto

Pepito Costa y Bonells by Francisco De Goya y Lucientes

Blind Man's Buff  by Francisco De Goya y Lucientes

Friday Inspiration  by Edward Hopper

Christ Healing The Blind  by Greco

Mars  by Diego Velasquez

Vieja Friendo Huevos ( Old Woman Frying Eggs )  by Diego Velasquez.  1618

La Molendera  by Diego Rivera.  1923

El Matador  by  Fernando Botero

Benczur  by  Narcissus.   1881

Mountain Retreat  by  Bob Ross

Marilyn  by Andy Warhol.  1962

Better World  by  Peter Max.  2007

Border Line Mexico And The USA  by  Frida Kahlo.  1932

Elephants  by  Salvador Dali.  1948

The beauty and profound feelings expressed in art pieces have inspired and moved the human soul for hundreds of years, I'm very fortunate to be able to experience and appreciate the wonderful gift of all those magnificent artist who have left their mark in the world with their art.
a visit to the dream world that paintings allow us enjoy, For Your Eyes Only.