Sunday, September 25, 2011


Some of my all time favorite divas of the Big Screen and Television,. now, they are my favorites, even when other people may overlook them.
They are also from different parts of the world as I'm of Latin roots.

Forever the queen of comedy, Lucille Ball, the never ending 'I Love Lucy' show is still on the air in over 50 countries of the world, very few have been able to come close to the level of talent of Lucy.

Whoopi Goldberg, Oscar winner for her hilarious role in 'Ghost' sharing credits with Patrick Swayze, her notorious timeless movies include the two part comedy "Sister Act" & "Sister Act, Back in the habit" with Maggie Smith. Whoopi is currently part of the cast of "The View" 

Goldie Hawn, the beautiful blond with big eyes with a brilliant career, since movies like "Shampoo" to the "First Wives Club" and one of her very best "Private Benjamin"

Mexican icon, Katy Jurado, her legendary career included "High Noon"& "Children Of Sanchez" as well as many Mexican telenovelas, one of her best performances was in "Te Sigo Amando" as 'La Jurada'. 

Maricruz Olivier, one of the most talented actresses in Latin American cinema history, one of her best performances was in "Teresa" as well as in the triller "Hasta El Viento Tiene Miedo"

Theresa Russell, one of my favorite villains in movies such as "The Black Widow", Russell also play a very attractive cop in the action flick "Impulse".

Libertad Lamarque, The Argentinian talented singer and actress conquered the world with her comedic/dramatic roles in many movies of the Gold Era of Latin Cinema such as "Escuela De Musica" "La Loca De Los Milagros", her last role was as the alcoholic matriarch of a troubled high society family in "La Usurpadora".

Roseanne Barr, The irreverent stand up comedienne took American households by surprise with her sitcom "Roseanne" where she portrays the head of a Real American Family, her latest show in the Lifetime network "Roseanne's Nuts".

Faye Dunaway, They say is hard to work with her on set, which adds interest to her  successful career, some of Dunaway's best films includes "Bonnie & Clyde", "The Towering Inferno", "Mommy Dearest" as well as movies for Tv as "The Beverly Hills Madam".

Betty White, Always one of people's favorites actresses, Betty started her career at a young age having her own show "Life With Elizabeth" and later being part of one of America's classics "The Golden Girls" where she played the scandinavian widow 'Rose Nylung' 

From the Gold Era of Mexican cinema. Maria Victoria, one of the most talented and versatile actresses of Mexico, Maria Victoria played a villain as well as the good girl, but her most memorable role was as "La Criada Bien Criada" one of the classic Latin sitcoms.

Edith Gonzalez, The beautiful bombshell started her career at an early age in Mexican movies and theater  then became one of the favorites and most successful of Telenovelas such as "Monte Calvario", "Salome" and most recently in the TV series "Mujeres Asesinas"

Sarita Montiel from Spain, Actress and singer, successful in Hollywood in movies like "Vera Cruz" co-starring Gary Cooper, one of her major  box office hits was the Spanish drama " El Ultimo Cuple".

Veronica Castro, Queen of drama in Mexican telenovelas and comedy in the big screen, Veronica is one the most famous latin actresses all over the world.

Julie Andrews,  My all time favorite 'Peter Pan' with one of the most beautiful voices ever heard in music.

Jaclyn Smith,  Maybe the most beautiful of the "Charlie's Angels" during the 70's  also showed her talent for drama on her roll as Florence Nightingale.

Kate Del Castillo,  Favorite actress in Latin movies and telenovelas, her versatility to play dramatic roles and action-adventure has gain her a place as one of the very best. 

Sissy Spaceck.  Great talented actress of all times, from her larger than life role in the thriller "Carrie" to the portrayal of Loretta Lynn in "Cold Miner's Daughter" and "In The Bedroom".