Friday, May 13, 2011

Loyal And Loving Friends.

Ever since I was a kid I recall having a pet in my household, I may have been 5 or 6 when we had 2 cats, Gitana (Gipsy) she was long haired with beautiful white, black  and gray hair  and Payaso (clown) the second one got that name because of his colors and this big white patch around his left eye, they were a lot of fun, they were like the babies of the house and we used to play with them all the time,. one time when we went on vacation left the cats for a neighbor to watch them and when we got back, they were gone, both were taken by someone and we never saw them again.

After losing our cats our mom decided to get a dog instead and months later we got this gorgeous female German Shepherd we call her Pantera (Panther) she was the most friendly and playful, we love that dog, as the years went by Pantera got pregnant and had, I believe 8 poppies from which we kept one and we called him Guardian (Guard) and he sure guard the house real good, that little guy could fight another dog without nattering the size, he also protected us kids, whenever a stranger or someone he wasn't familiar with approached us, he would start getting ready to attack, which was a problem for my teenage sister because Guardian would scare away her pretenders.

As the years went by we had several dogs,. after we lost Pantera and Guardian ( most of our dogs died from poisoning, animal control in El Salvador killed dogs on the streets, even when they were wearing their tags.)
My Parakeets Catherine and Gregory
We also had a parakeet, his name was Goyito and he was my moms joy, he was a funny little fella, he would whistle and dance, there was always music in my house, TV could be off all day, but music was never absent.

Our next dog was Negro (Black) Dad gave him that name because he was dark shiny black and we also got an unusual pet, A Piggy.! was a piglet, so really cute and we called him Muneco (Doll) the most amazing thing was that the dog and the pig became the best of friends, I don't think that Muneco felt as a pig, I really believe that he tough he was a dog, those two used to go to the park every afternoon and play, run, and Negro always kept people from coming to close to Muneco, since pigs in El Salvador are not seen as pets, but like pure food.!
they slept together and had their food station next to each other, they both went for a walk when nature called, it was fun having them.

The last dog we had in my family was Yesca (Tinder) he was a very good dogie, didn't go out that much, liked being at home, he was all the time following my Mom around the house, he was only 3 when we lost him in an accident.

Catherine and Gregory
We didn't get any dogs or cats after that, things change around my home, my older sister had left, my brother moved to live with my father in America and in the early 80's my other sister follow, being just Mom and myself and two businesses to attend, there was not time for caring for a pet, I started traveling frequently due to my modeling career and years later my Mother's health declined, life at home was totally different from the early years.

Was until early 1992 that I had pets again, now I was on my own, my Mother had passed away and the rest of my family was living in different cities of America, my brother gifted to me two parakeets and I named them Catherine and Gregory, they were good company, every morning they were singing and swinging their heads, was nice having the company of those two, they really put a smile on my face every day.

Brooklyn as a puppie
later that year I adopted a doggie, mixture of Collie and English Shepherd, I named him Brooklyn, by the dislike of my neighbors who were Jehova Witnesses and claimed that Brooklyn was the city were their religion had been started and had religious significance for them, however I did not change his name and as the time went by, they became very attached to that dog.
Sadly I lost all my pets during the invasion of the terrorist groups in the City of San Salvador,. there were bombings and grenades, many houses were destroyed and people forced to leave their homes with nothing, but the clothes they were wearing.

Little Miss Sophia
I moved to America short time later and after 16 years living in this country I have a pet for the first time in my new life as an American Citizen and is a kitty, her name is Sophia and she's a rescued cat, we adopted her from the Humane Society and she has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives that is unbelievable, Sophia is 9 years old and so playful, her favorite play time is 3:am, she runs, jumps and grabs things and trow them on the air, she also comes around the bed every morning when she hears me getting up and jumps on the bed and meows at me like if she was talking to me, maybe because I talk to her all the time.! as playful as she is, her favorite toy is a simple piece of paper, when she finds a paper to play with, she's happy.!
Sophia will be having a birthday in June, she was also featured in the 2011 calendar of the Humane Society for the month of June.

Sophia with her toys

Sophia's morning daily moment looking out the window.
I think everyone should allow themselves to have a pet to love and be loved by,. is worth the effort and expense, they are loyal and love you no matter what..!
my love for all animals was inherited from both my parents and I thank them for that,.. this tale of animal love has been For Your Eyes Only.

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