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Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
As I remember my childhood the influences of Television, Magazines and the movies was already there,. however the impact was nowhere near of the way is this days, I grew up with regular toys, comic books, sports, crafts and Radio,. I remember seating around the Radio to listen the stories told in the afternoon,. the same tales from Disney,. but on the Radio, Cinderella, Snow White and the 7 dwarves and other more local such as Epaminonda, 1 Ojito, 2 Ojitos,. 3 ojitos etc.
Lindsay Wagner " The Bionic Woman

I was also a day dreamer kid,. had my heros that I followed such as Wonder Woman, ( Loved the Outfit.!) The Bionic Woman ( I wanted her strength and beauty.) The Hardy Boys ( Shaun was just too cute.!), Angie Dickinson as 'Police Woman.' and the funny Mexican hero 'El Chapulin Colorado' I loved that show with the cowardly hero who always solve the crime by pure luck.
Roberto Gomez Bolanos as El Chapulin Colorado

 But I was mostly into cartoons, some of my very favorites were: Namor God Of The Seas, he was so strong and wore a speedo, Birdman, Spiderman, The Flintstones, Every day at 4:pm I was religiously watching The Flintstones, I can't remember my childhood without them, the whole Hanna Barbera saga was a must watch for me and my siblings,. later I got into Bugs Bunny, Bugs cough my attention when I saw him in drag, wearing a blonde wig and a black gown trying to fool Elmer, and I thought he was just too cool.!

I also enjoyed Heidi, the swiss little girl who comes to live on the Alps with her grandpa and gets taken away to Germany,.Man.! that story always made me cry.!
Scooby Doo gang and The Mystery Machine.

Then of course Scooby Doo was just such a different type of show with the mysteries, Plus the 'Mystery Machine' and monsters and I loved the song at the beginning, I think that's how I got started into Horror movies, which I totally Love.!

The Flintstones
In the movies the very first movie I ever watched was "The Thief Of Baghdad" I remember loving the bright colors of the outfits and the heroine long pony tail.
I grew up in a time when computer was not around in every household and cell phone was matter of fiction we used to see in the James Bond movies, people was not so involved in celebrities lives, and fashion had a much more glamorous stage than designer name and price tag, it was about a personal style and learning to carry yourself to project your personality instead of a brand name written across people's chest or repeated in a busy print all over a hand bag.
The One and Only 'Daisy Duke'

I guess that as I became a teenager I identified better with shows such as Chip's, seeing Eric Estrada in those tight  pants was just too appealing, and then The Dukes Of Hazard with their tight jeans, but I must confess that my favorite was Daisy Duke, so sexy and beautiful.!
Eric Estrada and Larry Wilcox "Chips' "

When the Charlie's Angels showed up the whole nation was blown away with these three Awesome detectives who were so damn beautiful and brave,.man and women of all ages wanted to be part of The Angels Era, men had erotic dreams while women copy their fashion and hair styles.

Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith " The Charlie's Angels

Namor (left) Prince Of The Oceans

Heidi The Little Girl of the Alps

When the time came for me to be taken as an adult (14 years of age in my case.) I had fashion sense, an opinion, sense of humor and was also a good listener, I don't think that I copied any of my heros, but I absorbed some of their style and sometimes when I was modeling I would take reference of Jamie Summers or Kelly Garret, why not.? I even was daring just like Namor in the deep sea, I could see myself as a Super Hero,.. Honestly my living role model was always my Mother, I have never met anyone as determined and brave as she was.
So this are some of my childhood influences that I still enjoy watching sometimes,. The heroes and Heroines that we all seek in life,. This is For Your Eyes Only.

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