Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Glory of Old Latin Films

It has been nearly impossible for film makers in Latin America to overcome the quality of the Gold Era in Mexican and Spanish Cinema, from the felt performances to the action heros of the 40's and 50's when actors like Pedro Infante, Maria Felix and Sara Montiel filled the screen with masterful performances where the delivery of the lines came as poetry in motion from their mouths and made the audience to believe the suffering of the moment or enjoy the cheer of facial expression of the actor.

Luis Aguilar and Pedro Infante "A Toda Maquina" 1951
We all cried with 'Pepe El Toro' and 'La Chorreada' when their house burned to the ground killing their toddler "Torito" and we also laugh when 'La Tostada' y 'La Guayaba' enter the scene barely keeping their balance y talking non senses for being so drunk.

Pepe El Toro & La Chorreada after losing their baby in a fire.

"La Tostada Y La Guayaba'
Acting during those days was a serious delivery of emotions transmitted by the actor to an audience who captured the feelings of the character being played, sensing the moment thru the worlds and body language of the actor, German Valdez "Tin Tan" was able to make the audience laugh and feel the need to dance when seeing his Mambo movements on stage, for their part Ninon Sevilla and Tongolele were the pleasure of men eyes and envy of women, the classic Bedettes of the cabaret shows during the 40's when exotic dancers entered the stage on over the top outfits and voluptuous bodies, dancing and even singing,. In the case of Olga Bresking during the 60's she was also playing the violin.

Ninon Sevilla in the 1940's

German Valdez "TinTan"

The action hero of cinema back then was the regular guy, A cop on a motorcycle such as Pedro Infante in "A Toda Maquina", the landowner, The fight rooster breeder, the ordinary citizen soldier during the revolution as in the case of Maria Felix in "La Generala"
Blanca Estela Pavon "La Chorreada" 1946
Without the need of especial effects or body stoners the directors and actors were able to deliver a masterpiece of classic quality films that has survive generations, as audiences of all ages are still enjoy and embrace this movies and characters such as "Juana Gallo" " "Tizoc" "Pepe El Toro" "La Soldadera' and many more.

Silvia Pinal as "La Soldadera" 1966

Mexican Diva Maria Felix
Glory of those days went to actors who to this days are and will always be the pioneers of acting on the big and small screen, many of them are gone now, but their legacy will survive for many generations to come,. We all give a stand up ovation to those who made us love The Movies:
 Silvia Pinal ( La Soldadera, Viridiana, La Hermana Trinquete, etc) Blanca Estela Pavon ( Nosotros Los Pobres, Ustedes Los Ricos, etc) Maria Felix ( La Cucaracha, Tizoc, La Mujer Sin Alma, etc) Jorge Negrete, Evita Munoz 'Chachita', Katty Jurado, Dolores Del Rio, Sarita Montiel, Carmen Montejo, Andres Soler, Sara Garcia, Silvia Dervez and many others.

Marga Lopez 1950

Maria Victoria. famous for her starring role in "La Criada Bien Criada"

One of the Eternal Classics of Latin American Cinema

Temperamental Diva from Spain Sarita Montiel.

I feel privileged to have been able to enjoy their art and felt the emotions that many years ago they perpetuated for an eternity beyond their own existence,.and very much will remain after my own,. this visit to the Gold Days of Latin Cinema has been For Your Eyes Only.

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