Monday, June 20, 2011

They Light Up My World.!

Fred Flintstone
From our early years in this wonderful planet, we all have favorite people and characters picked up from the media, TV, Movies, Music, Comic Books, etc
'You Take My Breath Away' one of his hit songs
I'm not different from the rest and I can pin point those who put a special ray of light on my days,. from my childhood days I must say that big old Fred Flintstone brought a big smile to my face with his 'yabba-daba-doo.! then along came Scooby-Doo with his gang and the Mystery Machine, I remember waiting for the next mystery every week and Shaggy yelling " Scooby Doo, Where are you.?!" up to this days those lines are still heart warming.

Rex Smith
As a involuntary witness of the music trends that family, neighbors and TV would feature out laud I watch and listen quietly and must say develop a few crushes on singers such as Andy Gibb and Rex Smith, those guys were great singers and also gorgeous, with those tight pants and long hair, but I also could not get enough of Donna Summer with that strong presence on stage and commanding voice.

World Diva Super Star Veronica Castro
Veronica conquer Europe, Asia and all of Latin America.
Then there was the latin diva of them all, the one and only Veronica Castro with her drama in the Mexican telenovelas, petite just like myself and totally in control in front of the camera or the microphone, with her stunning green eyes and luxurious gowns,.Loved her.!

Latin Icon Thalia
I also felt that I was part of this elite group of stars from my generation, because we were about the same age,. I grew with Thalia, Ricky Martin, Debbie Gibson, Chayanne, Paulina Rubio, etc,..
Then in the early 90's along came "Los MuÑecos De Papel" with a fabulous cast that included : Bibi Gaytan, Erick Rubin, Sasha, Ricky Martin, Angelica Rivera y Pedro Fernandez.
" MuÑecos De Papel "

Thalia was the icon of beauty and talent fused together and created this sweet girl who acted and sang, shining like a true star, Ricky Martin was the great looking boy with long hair and extremely handsome and charming.
Puerto Rican Headliner Chayanne
 I use to sing along Debbie Gibson songs and love her freely and fresh style,. Chayanne was the sexy latino with the body and the talent, I use to love seeing him on those tight jeans, Paulina Rubio was the blond brat that was always controversial and had a villain expression with a fancy expression hard to resist.

Supe Model Of The World Ru Paul
One of the very first Drag Queens I saw in my life, was when I was 12 years old and the Queen was this blonde giant with mile long legs, she was wearing a short red dress and white pumps and when the host asked her name she said with a hoarse voice "Ru Paul". It was the most magical moment for me, I realize that it was Ok for a boy to get dress up in dresses and heels, I saw that person on the screen as a real hero.
Ru Paul out of drag.

this days I look up to another two Drag Queen who I found gifted talent and charisma, The Pandora Boxx and Shangela Laquifa Widley.

Drag Race Miss Congeniality The Pandora Boxx
Above, Shangela Laquifa Wadley, California's Entertainer of the year.

The list of my very favorites can keep going on and on, for now this preview is For Your Eyes Only.

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