Monday, June 27, 2011

My Creative Culinary Art.! ♨

Yuca con Chicharrones in Spicy Salsa.
Ever since I was a little boy I was always curious about all the aromas and activities in the kitchen, I had my mother and grandmother to look up to when came to food, Grandma Fidelina was the classic old fashion cook who would make everything from scratch, her cooking was the best I ever had, simple dishes with the flavor that only love can provide to food.!
Fusilli Surf and Turf
Spanish Tortilla with Bacon

One of my very favorites thing were the fried bean pupusas that she would make in the morning for breakfast, I don't come from cold cereal on the table, as a matter of fact I never knew people eat dry cereal as a meal, back home only the chickens eat that way.! ☺
Center Cut Pork Chop with Vegetables and Red Pepper Salsa.
4 cheeses Lasagna

My mom was also a terrific cook, my very favorite was her stuffed green peppers, she use to make them with ground beef or only cheese, she was great with typical Salvadorean dishes such as 'Sopa de Res' a very rich broth of beef with cabbage and oxtail served on the bone, I also remember the very distinctive flavor of the 'Arroz aguado con chipilin' it was this rice soup with Chipilin, which is a green aromatic plant that may grow just in Latin America, was served with big chunks of pork meat.
Skirt Pepper Rubbed Grilled Steak with Fries.
Arugula Apple Salad with Cottage Cheese and Lime dressing.

A lot of my cooking this days I learned it from those days,. when I attended high school my mayor was 'Hotels and Tourism' with a specialty in Culinary Arts, I was amazing to learn in a professional kitchen with restaurant equipment and having the freedom to create my own dishes, in 1988 during my senior year I was to create my own menu with my very own original recipes, I created a four course meal consisting on:
- Ensalada Ceron ( Ceron Salad.)
  I named the salad with my last name and consisted on romaine lettuce with baby spinach, beets, pineapple and crumbled queso fresco, all  tossed with a dressing of lime, oregano, white vinegar and olive oil,

- Sopa dorada ( Golden Soup.)
  A very flavorful soup made with browned flour, white rice, lots of butter and onions.

- Boca Colorada en salsa de cerveza ( Red Snapper in beer sauce.)
  I discover this unique flavor after several failings trying to pair fish with the right spices and sauces,
  golden pan seared whole fish with clove, pepper, dark beer and lemon wedges and zest.

- Budin borracho ( Drunk banana pudding.)
  Diced french bread, cinnamon, bananas, milk, vanilla, rum and brown sugar.
TV Time Cheese and Roast Beef/Ham Plate
Cheesy Fried Chicken Rolls with Sour Cream.

This days I cook all kinds of food, I never follow recipes, however look and learn from other chefs and create my own version or original idea from only one of the ingredients I see in one recipe.
Spaghetti with My Signature Meatballs and Garlic Bread.
3 Little Pigs in a Barn Breakfast.!
Onions, Red & Jalapeno Peppers, Tomatos, Ham, Sausage and Bacon.

Love cooking all kinds of beans, I cold eat nothing but beans, one of my very favorite meats to cook is pork, due to it's rich flavor, also like to get creative with chicken and fish.
vegetables are my source fro color, texture and natural flavor, vegetable should never be boiled or over-cooked, it's natural flavor is the very best compliment to any dish.
Steak and Cheesy Scrambled Eggs Breakfast.

Rigatoni with Shrimp Cakes.

Center Cut Filet Mignon with Shrimp and Shoe String Potatoes.

I cook a lot, I love cooking, this days I cook lots of pasta, however as a good Latino I also enjoy creating dishes using tortillas, yuca, plantains and many other ingredients from my roots,.  this is a small trip thru my Culinary and Creative Art, For Your Eyes Only.!

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