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                              DUMB CRIMINALS

No crime or criminal is to be taken light or even with sense of humor, however, as much as we condemn of their actions against society, there are those cases when the criminal is so down right Dumb.! that you have no other choice, but laugh at the whole situation.
and when the situation is not funny enough, they make that up whit a hilarious mug shot.

This is a small compilation of different level of crimes perpetrated by some of the dumbest and most bizarre criminals:

"Shoplifters become victims"  Eldon Alexander, 36 and Korin Vanhouten, 47. Stole $25.00 worth of merchandise from WinCo Foods in Utah, meanwhile other crooks in the area were breaking into their car, stealing from them a stereo, a set of drums and an amplifier, they had already been caught shoplifting and file a report with the same police officer who arrested them.

"The Boogeyman Did It"  James Scarborough, 49. Arrested in Florida for DUI told police officers that he was innocent and that The Boogeyman was doing the driving, alleged that the Boogeyman has been following him everywhere and makes him do all kind of crazy things,. however he fail to provide a description of how the Boogeyman looks like.

"Flasher Mom." Marsia Emanuel, 36. In Winter Heaven, Fla. The woman borded the school bus and without any explanation started beating up the driver in front of her daughter and many other children on the bus, when the Police came to her home, Emanuel yelled at them and then dropped her panties and flash them from back and front before getting arrested.

"Her Forgotten Secret" Heather Lynn Mayo, The Florida woman called the Police to help her kick her boyfriend out of their apartment, but, she forgot that He held a secret of hers, Mayo was responsible for a Hit & Run in February 2011, where she was the driver and may had got away with it until she tried to have her man arrested and he was more than willing to give all details to Police.

"Oh Yes, We Live Here." Shakir Taylor, 22. from Forestville, MD. Taylor and his brother robbed a bank situated in the very same block where they lived at their parents home, the pair couldn't help to walk in front of the bank's building almost every day.

"Facebook Junky" Trevor Jones, The man of Gwinnett County, GA. Broke into a home and while stealing items from the home, he decided to use the home owners computer to log into his Facebook page to update his status, the man got so busy checking messages on the social media site, that he forgot to log off before leaving the house.

"Adding Junk To The Trunk.!"  Oneal Morris, 32. The Miami resident was posing as a doctor and offering cosmetic procedures to women who wanted to improve their buttocks, the fake doctor was filling their tights and butt with an odd and dangerous mix of cement, super glue and flat tire sealant, one of the various victims wanted to work in a night club and wanted a 'cheap' doctor to enhance her figure, Morris charged only $700.00 for the miraculous procedure that ended this patient in the emergency room after getting an infection, Oneal Morris has also applied to herself this mix as can be seen in her mug shot picture.

"The Broken Promise" Olivia Ornelas, 21. the young woman of Illinois got arrested for DUI, at the time of her arrest she was still furious and disappointed, she blamed her drinking and driving of that night to her boyfriend, who failed to take her to see the new "Twilight" movie, has he Promise.!

"A Little Help, Please,."  Ranaldo Jack, 20. The Georgia man broke into a home while the owners were away, his plan was not to leave any sign of a break in, so he decided to get inside thru the chimney, his plan fail short when he got Stuck and could Not free himself, when the owners got home few hours later, heard him asking for help and they called the Police.

"You Must Share."  Karen Henry, 42. The woman in Florida was arrested after assaulting her 80 y/o father with a knife because he refuse to share with her his Potato Salad.

"I'll Just Blend Here,."  Gregory Liascos, 36. The Oregon man had a master plan when he decided to wear this 'Ghillie' camouflage, attempting to break into The Rice Northwest Museum Of Rocks And Minerals, after the alarms went off, he run to hide to e wooded area to 'Blend' with the rest of the bushes, however Police dogs bit him and he yelped in pain.

"I'm Hungry,.Damn It.!" Terry Kimball, 50. The Florida man got arrested for calling 911 and ask the operator to send the Police to come help him to force the employees of Taco Bell to serve him a midnight snack. 

"Movie Night"  Juan Aguirre, 21. the young man in Kansas wanted some hardcore entertainment for the night and stole 6 dvd's from an adult shop, however the cases were for display only and were actually empty.!

"When The Night Falls."  Josephine Smith, 24. The woman got arrested as she was walking the street in Florida attacking and bitting people, Police was called after she bite off a piece of skin from a man's arm and proclaiming "I'm a vampire and going to eat you.!"

"I'll Just Do It Myself.!"  Francisco Rojas, 39. The man in Saint Lucie Co. was arrested after his wife called the Police to stop him from pulling out his own tooth, he hates going to the dentist and decided that he was going to do it himself,. He got arrested for getting violent to the Police officers who were trying to interfere in his dental procedure.

"Kiss Me.!!"  Helen Staudinger, 92. The elderly woman of Marion Co. Florida was arrested for opening fire to a neighbors house, during a gathering at that house that day, a 52 y/o neighbor refuse to give her a kiss, she got upset and came back with a gun and opened fire, no one was injured.

"I'm So Handsome." Jonathan Huntley, 29. the man in NC got arrested for home invasion, his vanity made this case very easy for Police to find him, when he left behind a t-shirt with his own mug shot from a few years earlier, he thought he looked so handsome in the picture that decided to print it on a tee.
"For Better Or For Worst."  Arthur Phillips, 28 and Brittany Lurch, 24. From PA. arrested after getting caught stealing over $1 thousand in groceries from a Wegman's Market, the crime happened just few moments after their wedding, they told Police, they wanted the items to be served at their wedding reception, where numerous guest were waiting.

"Everything Must Go.!"  Charles Smith, 56. Hilsborough, Fl. The man was arrested after stealing as much as $30K worth of luxury items from his landlords home, soon after the robbery he decided to put everything on a Yard Sale in front of the property renting from the victim.

"A Clear Message."  Ismael Ambrosio, 20. The young Florida resident got arrested over many petty crimes and disorderly conduct, Ambrosio is a regular at the Police station, so he decided to get a tattoo that reads the way he feels about law enforcement officers.

May we say Crime does Not Pay.! but in some cases can give you a laugh, in most of this cases the one who got the worst part was the one committing the infraction.
this moment of crime information has been For You Eyes Only.

( Mug shots and stories have researched from the Huffington Post.)

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