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I got so hook in the RuPaul Drag Race and I'm so very grateful to RuPaul for putting Drag back in the pedestal where that art form belongs, he was the right person to do it, being the one and only Model of the World,. My very favorite season was the one with the Pandora Boxx and Raven, meaning Season 2, the season 1 was the starting point of fabulousness with Shannel and Ongina among others,. season 3 was the most controversial where one of RuPaul's closest friends won.
here I just want to show some of my favorite queens and moments of the Drag Race.

Shannel. The Las Vegas show girl. beautiful and enigmatic.

Season 2 Queens arrive to the competition. Pandora Boxx, Tyra Sanchez, Raven, Morgan McMichaels, Jessica Wild, Sahara Davenport and Mystique Summers Madison.

The Pandora Boxx during the 'Gone With The Window' Challenge  

Tatianna, the queen from Virginia, and the one who many hated and loved. the best legs in the competition.!

The Fantastic Queens of season 1. from left: Nina Flowers, Jade, Akashea, Ongina, Tammy Brown, Rebecca Glasscock, Shannel, Bebe Sahara Bennet and Victoria 'Pork chop' Parker.

The Queens from outter-space of season 3. challenge winners were Shangela and Alexis Mateo ( in gold outfits)

The judges pannel, featuring : Kathy Griffing, Merle, RuPaul, Santino Rice, Mike Ruiz. 1st episode of season 2.

The flawless RuPaul, Queen of the Universe and Model Of the World. 

Manila Luzon as Imelda Marcus during the snatch game in season 3. after being accused of exploiting stereotypes in the previous challenge, which she Won.!

Shangela as Tina Turner during the snacht game, season 3.  

The Queens get judged,. From left: Yara Sofia, Shangela, Mariah, Raja & Alexis Mateo.  the eliminated queen was Mariah.

Manila Luzon in her Big Bird inspired outfit after the 'Standup Comedy' Challenge.

Shangela wins the " California Entertainer Of The Year ' crown, soon after getting eliminated from  the RuPaul Drag Race Season 1.

Day 1 of competition during season 2. from left: Jujubee, Tatianna, Shangela, Sonique and Nicole Paige Brooks.

Shangela and Sahara Davenport sing for their lives during the 'Gone With The Window' challenge, Shangela gets eliminated and Sashays away.

" I'm from Chicago.!" a fight erupts between Morgan McMichael's and Mystique Summers backstage, after Mystique has complained that her curtains were Not plus size friendly.!

After the " Bottylicious " challenge the queens get judge, from left : Pandora Boxx, Morgan McMichael's, Sonique, Raven, Tatianna and Nicole Paige Brooks. some queens suggest that Tatianna is the weakest in the competition and ask for her elimination, however Nicole Paige gets eliminated after singing for her life along with Raven.

Mystique tells the other queens to " Shut The Fuck Up.!" as she try to explain why her Country outfit was not up to the challenge and she faces elimination. season 2

Raven sings for her life for the second time, eliminating Mystique Summers and confirming herself as a fierce Diva in the competition for the Crown in season 2.

Sonique tells Tatianna that her outfit is 'tired' causing discontent on several of the other contestants.

Tatianna surprises everyone with her masterful impersonation of Britney Spears during the 'Snatch Game' next to her Tyra Sanchez in an attempt to impersonate Beyonce.

Jujubee, Pandora and Tatianna acuse Tyra of being a 'Real Bitch' when on the work room, but despite their accusation Tyra wins the Bride challenge. 

In one of the Best lip synch moments ever in the Drag Race, Morgan McMichael's and Sonique sing for their lives, resulting in Sonique (photo) being sashay away.

The Pandora Boxx out do herself and surprises the judges with a masterful performance during the "Rocker Chick" challenge, however her performance once again is not enough for the judges.

The queens wait to be judge, Jessica Wild, Pandora Boxx, Sahara Davenport and Tatianna, the winner of the challenge is Jessica Wild while Sahara Davenport and Jujubee fall in the bottom two and have to lip synch for their lives.

Tatianna lip synchs for her life against Jessica Wild in the " Once Upon A Queen" Challenge, surviving yet another elimination on the race and to the discontent of Raven and some of the other queens.

Raven showed her sweet side when carried off the stage her Drag Mother during the "Golden Gals" Challenge, winning the challenge and the sympathy of the audience.

Juju Bee and The Pandora Boxx battle a lip synch for their lives for a spot in the final 4 of the Drag Race, Juju Bee wins and The Pandora Boxx sashays away for the sadness of thousands of fans.

Tatianna and Juju Bee have a very emotional lip synch for the final spot on the top 3, Titianna gets sashay away while Juju Bee is up for the final competition for the crown of The Next Drag Superstar.!

RuPaul and Raven during a scene of the making of the video of "Jealous Of My Boogie" presenting an 80's theme.

RuPaul presenting the final episode on the Drag Race competition for the crown of The Next Drag Superstar.

Season 3 saw the birth of a 'Larger than life' character, when Shangela introduced her " Laquifah " a modern times Pimp Hoe, winning the challenge and bringing her "Laquifah" to her shows all over the USA.

The season 3 queen touring after the competition, from left/front: Shangela Laquifah Wadley, Mariah Balenciaga, Raja, Manila Luzon,  Back/left: Stacy Layne, Yara Sofia, Mimi Imfurst and Carmen Carrera.

Arriving on the red carpet at the grand opening of the New Now Next Awards, Raven, Juju Bee and Shangela. 

Soon will be time for season 4 to be on the air, after the bitter - sweet results of season 3, the show doesn't see to be the 'Must Watch' for some people ( me, included) however, the RuPaul Drag Race has accomplished what RuPaul wanted, which was to elevate the art of Drag to a new dimension of respect and appreciation all over the world.
this fun recompilation of the Drag Race has been For Your Eyes Only.

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