Thursday, April 7, 2011

Columbia Heights,.an upscale neighborhood.

During the last decade the area previously know under many names, depending of who was talking about it,.. is now know as Columbia Heights and it has become not only a prosperous area, but also one of the most expensive in Washington DC, North West section, fancy residential buildings, boutique retail stores have taken the place of little dollar stores and small family own grocery stores. With much more fancy residents the area has bloomed into a very demanding area to live in, a busy commercial sector right in front of the Columbia Heights Metro Station with shops that before were found only outside the District such as Best Buy and Target.
Shopping Mall at Columbia Heights.

down in the sector of Logan Circle we find the most fancy home decor and furniture stores, but I'm still enjoy better my trips to the 'Ruff and Ready' (Just dress down, you'll get dusty!.) where I usually found great treasures for a great price to furnish my place and is fun looking thru the many items in the place, is like hunting for a treasure.
U St. Metro station- Green Line
Shopping and dinning in the area is easier when walking or riding Metro,.U St, Cardozo Station on the corner of 13th and U St, and Columbia Heights Metro Station on the corner of 14th and Irving St.
Three bigger and fancier supermarkets have replaced smaller and cheaper ones, such as the last Latin Store left in the area "Mercadito Ramos" now people has the option of the newly remodel Giant store or more gourmet ones like Yes Organic and Whole foods.
Two new buildings on the corner of 14th St and Florida Ave.

Sait-Ex offers great fun at night and the Best brunch on weekends.

One of the areas changing soon, corner of 14th St and Florida Ave.
The night life is unbelievable, the busiest restaurants and night clubs in the U Street area with well dressed patrons looking forward for a night of dinning and fun at Club Gin, The Eatonville, Bar Pilar and of course one of everyones favorite 'Bus Boys and Poets',.And if it's Sunday morning, brunch is Great at Saint-Ex and Bar Pilar.
Latin grocery store "Mercadito Ramos"

Bar at Busboys and Poets.

 entertainment is available for all tastes and budgets, from hamburger and Pizza places to fancy Italian restaurants,.it is wonderful to see the growth of our loved city,.come and enjoy the 14Th St. Strip from Columbia Heights to Thomas Circle,.the sight is For Your Eyes Only.

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