Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome to my world.!

Gerardo Barrios Square in San Salvador.
Downtown San Salvador at night
Accordingly to our culture and own personal ideas we all see life with a different point of view, this is mine,.

Alcaldia de Santiago Texacuangos, San Salvador

El Llano Lagoon in Ahuachapan

Cathedral of Lady of Guadalupe in La Ceiba, San Salvador
I have lived many fantastic episodes in my life,.I was blessed to have been born in a beautiful country of Central America named El Salvador,. I lived thru a 12 years civil war working hard to keep a normal life in the middle of the chaos,. during 7 of those years volunteered for the Salvadorian Red Cross bringing relief to military and civilian victims of the war and also helped cancer patiences at the Hospital Divina Providencia.
Theater of Santa Ana.

 I survived an earthquake in 1986 and along with my mother were able to rebuilt our home and our lives.
But not all was bad, I also saw the sparkle of glamour and good life while working as a model for 7 years and travel to the most amazing countries in the world, life brought me to the USA to become my permanent home, now an American citizen want to share with you all my experiences and the highlights of my life,..This is For Your Eyes Only.

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