Monday, July 18, 2011


Pedro Infante Mexican Latin Legend.
Thru the years I have seen many of my very favorite performers leave this world and some of them are from before my time and I got to admire them after their departure as in the case of Mexican Icon Pedro Infante.
Actress Marina Dorantes, Wife of Pedro Infante contemplates him on his gasket.

But many others I did love to see on the big screen or on TV, I'm still watch them and enjoy their talent as well as listening to the marvelous music of extremely talented people as Karen Carpenter who's voice was like an angel fallen from heaven.
Resting place of Karen Carpenter.

I think that some of the most shocking loses were those that happened in a violent manner and way before their time, or at least seems like that,. in March 31 1995, I was getting ready for my 8 hours shift night job at the Soho Coffee House in Dupont Circle and I was watching the news when they announced that Selena , The queen of Texano Music had been shot, was very short after that first announcement that the shocking confirmation of her death was done.
Selena's open gasket was visited by thousands of mourning fans.

Fan learns of death of Selena in Corpus Christy TX.

Even after 16 years of her tragic demise, I'm still get teary when I see her videos and see tributes in magazines and Tv.
Grave of Lucille Ball.

Many of my vary favorites are gone, another I remember with sadness is Lucille Ball, maybe because besides loving her as Lucy Ricardo, she passed away just a few weeks after my mother, who died in March of 1989, I remember being on my way to a meeting when they announced Lucy's death on the radio and I felt so shock and deeply moved by it.
The day of Lennon's death was a dark day for music around the world.

I was in Junior High when the killing of John Lennon happened, I was very young, but loved his music, I always saw him as a very loving peaceful man who loved his wife dearly.
Every year fans gather at Strawberry Fields to pay tribute to John Lennon.

 In 1998 when Frank Sinatra died I was attending classes at the USDA and my teacher stopped the class to pay tribute to Sinatra, one thing I remember about him is that he had such a presence and as a child I used to think that he was the president of the USA.
Pennies lay on Frank Sinatra's grave plaque.

Frank Sinatra "The Chairman Of The Board" one of the Greatest in the art of entertainment.

I was only 11 years old when Maria Callas left this world, but the legacy she left behind was too big to be missed by my generation, I was only 16 when I first listened to one of her arias and became a huge fan of her wonderful performances and magnificent voice, Callas was for my the best soprano ever.
Maria Callas receiving a standing ovation at Lascalla in Milan.

I was in my senior year of high school when the news of the death of Andy Gibb broke in the school, many of us got together to remember Andy and for the rest of the year I carried his picture on the back of my notebook.
Andy Gibb resting place.

So many of the best are gone, we are still miss them, watch them on television and sometimes compare with the current entertainers, sometimes is useless to compare, they were pioneers on their own time and love for the art.
I carried this picture with me for long time after his death.

I miss my two Rocios very dearly, I grew up with the splendid voices of Rocio Durcal and Rocio Jurado the two greatest divas of Spain, their temper and sentiment when singing has never been emulated by any other, I'm still listen to their songs and voices almost every day, as I love music and need it to go on with my daily life.
Junior and daughter Rocio carry Rocio Durcal's ashes
Rocio Jurado gasket is transported to her final resting place.

Rocio Jurado, Grand Diva of Spain and magnificent singer.

Rocio Durcal, fans mourn her all around the world. 

The performer leaves, but the loyal fan who's life was brighten by their voices and masterful performances stays faithful to the memory of the ones they love and respect, for their talent and uniqueness I remember them today and share those memories with you,.For Your Eyes Only.

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